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  • 5 Things to know about the CO-3T Low Voltage Wire Connector

    There are many low voltage wire connectors out there in the market and of those, few work well. Today we introduce you to yet another wire connector. We reveal 5 things you should know about the CO-3T low voltage wire connector giving you a general overview and valuable insights into this new outdoor electrical connection product.

    Buy the CO-3T low voltage wire connector HERE

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  • EMT Outdoor landscape Multi-Tap LED Lighting Transformer Overview & Tips

    The LED EMT Multi-Tap Transformers video provides a general overview of this professional grade outdoor transformer that is assembled and supported in the USA, including how to use the optional photo control and timer and the benefits of the multi-tap 12volt, 13volt, 14volt & 15volt AC output terminal blocks. Designed for simultaneous runs at varying distances, this heavy duty transformer brings flexibility in outdoor landscape LED lighting for virtually any outdoor low voltage lighting application!

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  • Buying cheap LED bulbs doesn't always pay off - Video

    Don't make the same mistake as one of our customers. He bought on price from a popular online retailer that sold him the wrong LED MR16 lamps for his low voltage track lights. Was it the retailers fault? Not necessarily but they offered little to no help. The customer simply was not educated on what to purchase. Had he purchased the light bulbs with his track lighting purchase his costly mistake could have been avoided. Please, if you are buying lighting products purchase them from a lighting company that knows the products and can answer your questions. It will save you money, time and grief!

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  • Heading to Washington DC - Here's why!

    US Capital BuildingTechnology allows smaller businesses like Total Lighting Supply here in Rio Rancho New Mexico to reach customers across the nation and the globe and expand their business. Changes to online trading can be a game-changer for their long-term success and sustainability.

    That’s why we are sending one of our own to Washington D.C. on April 29 and 30 2014 for eBay Inc.’s 9th annual U.S. of eBay Advocacy Day. Our time will be spent encouraging lawmakers to support policies that promote small business growth and success. During the trip to Washington we will share with lawmakers the proposed way Internet sales tax legislation will create a huge tax burden for small business owners selling their products online.

    The Marketplace Fairness Act would force Total Lighting Supply and thousands of businesses like ours to collect sales tax from our customers for any state to which we sell, which would mean collecting and remitting taxes for up to 9,600 tax jurisdictions nationwide. That's a lot of paper work! Total Lighting Supply and eBay are advocating for greater equity for small online businesses like ours so that we can continue to grow and contribute to our local New Mexico economy.

    Additionally we will be discussing the importance of eliminating trading barriers for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Thank you for reading :)

    Have a blessed day!
    Total Lighting Supply

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  • What Does Voltage Loss Or Voltage Drop Mean To You?

    LED lighting is the rage now that it is available in landscape lighting.  Understandably so, with the energy efficiency that it offers, this lowers your cost to run your lighting system not just by way of energy savings, but also by way of running it on smaller, less expensive transformers and wire. And you can do so without having to compromise on design and drama in your landscape lighting. In regards to planning your landscape lighting-whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, one of the things that needs to go in to your planning and design phase is voltage loss or voltage drop.

    So, what is voltage drop? Voltage drop is when voltage at the beginning of a length of cable (at the transformer end) is higher than the voltage at the end-it is the difference between those two values that is known as voltage drop or voltage loss.

    Why should you care about this? Because when there is significant voltage drop, the light fixtures at the end of the cable run are actually dimmer-visibly dimmer than the fixtures closer to the transformer which will appear to be significantly brighter.

    You can avoid or minimize the voltage drop through proper selection of the cable size based on total wattage load of your fixtures and the length or the cable run. Total LED Malibu Lighting can help you plan accordingly so that you can have stunning results with your landscape LED lighting fixtures.

    One thing to keep in mind is the measure of power consumption, which is "wattage". Wattage is NOT a measure of brightness. For example, a 15 watt LED fixture can often outperform a 50 watt standard incandescent light by way of brightness.

    Total LED Malibu Lighting has created an informative video that walks you through what needs to be taken into consideration in order to minimize voltage drop in your landscape lighting system:


    Total Lighting Supply Voltage Drop Chart Voltage Drop Chart
    (copyright Total Outdoor Lighting Supply)


    Total LED Lighting has also created  a voltage drop chart to help you in your design phase. These formulas will help you formulate what the actual voltage drop will be. There are many variables that affect voltage drop (as discussed in the video), so this chart is intended to at least get you closer to what that drop will be. To be totally accurate, a voltage meter in the field is always the best way to go.

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  • Outdoor LED Lighting, Transformer Load & Voltage Drop step by step guide Video!

    Planning on installing low voltage outdoor landscape LED lighting or low voltage halogen landscape lighting and not really sure what to do? Struggling to find out how many lights your outdoor landscape LED transformer can power? Not sure what voltage drop is or voltage loss? Then this thorough video is a must watch for you! This video guide will give you an idea on what is involved when installing low voltage outdoor LED lighting.

    Products used in this video.

    Malibu 8406-2601-01 low voltage oil rubbed bronze LED flood light 35 watt equivalent

    Malibu 8406-2601-01 low voltage oil rubbed bronze LED flood light 35 watt equivalent

    Malibu LED 35 watt equivalent low voltage diecast aluminum flood light in oil rubbed bronze includes plastic stake, fast lock connector, and three Cree XPG LED's at 850 lumens. Replaces Malibu 8401-9513-01.

    Malibu 8401-2650-01 low voltage LED black flood light 50 watt equivalent

    Malibu 8401-2650-01 low voltage LED black flood light 50 watt equivalent

    Malibu LED low voltage 50 watt equivalent dicast aluminum flood light in black includes metal stake, fast lock connector and four Cree XPE-HEW LED's.

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  • Outdoor LED Malibu 8506-2120-06 Celestial solar pathway light in action Video

    Checkout how gorgeous and bright the new outdoor LED Malibu 8506-2120-06 Celestial solar pathway light 6-pack kit is in this video by Total LED Malibu Lighting!

    The simple and easy assembly and installation make this solar led path light a great choice for bringing light to path ways, steps, drive ways and more!

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  • LED Malibu 8406-2620-01 flood light fixture unboxing Video

    Watch as we unbox the outdoor LED Malibu 8406-2620-01 flood light fixture and see for yourself how simple it is to assemble.

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    Tags: Unboxing, video, 8406-2620-01, Malibu, led, flood light

  • LED Malibu 8506-2120-06 Celestial solar pathway light unboxing & assembly Video

    Discover what's inside of the 6-pack outdoor LED Malibu 8506-2120-06 Celestial solar pathway light and see how easy it is to assemble and install these Malibu LED solar lights!

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    Tags: Solar, 8506-2120-06, Unboxing, Path Light, Malibu, led

  • LED Malibu 8401-2650-01 flood light fixture in 360° display

    Watch a 360° view of the outdoor LED Malibu 8401-2650-01 flood light fixture and truly see it from virtually every angle :)

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