Thank you sooo much for your fantastic and caring customer service!! Very rare these days! I love my landscape timers.

Karen C.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the 12VAC landscape LED string --it was EXACTLY what I was looking for to light up a small Arbutus tree on our patio. AND as an extra bonus, I did some experiments and analyses to find (a) I could cut the string every 4 lamps wherever the copper wires became only two wires and continue to wire both new ends independently, and (b) since these are AC, I was able to use a small resistor (125 Ohms) in series with the each 12VAC feed to decrease the brightness of the LEDs to become softer, warmer illumination, AND extend the life of the LEDs. (As an EE, I know enough to use caution in analyzing the LED lamp and string behaviour. Hence I would NOT propose that you publish this for your customers except to suggest that "a 125 Ohm 2W resistor in series with one leg of the feed-wires gives softer illumination".) Over a few years, I have converted all of my outdoor landscape and pool lighting to 12VAC with various types of LED bulbs. With your product, I can now add unobtrusive accent lighting. Thank you.

Ed F.

You folks did a great job, and the item worked fine. Thanks

Steven C.

Not only was it received today but it is already in and working. Saw the video on how to get the bulb in and it was a breeze to do. You are now my single supplier for my outdoor lighting. GREAT JOB. Thanks, George

George R.

Thanks for the quick shipping. I would have been delivered Sunday, if it were not Sunday or Monday, but it was a holiday. These connectors are great! I just got some new lights to put out and the first thing I did was cut off the connectors on them!

David E.

We just got finished getting them all in the ground and have two of the three transformers running now….looks awesome!!

Bob M.


Everything worked out great. I had an old Malibu 10 light system that I bought several years ago that I never installed. I get into it and find the bulbs didn’t match the sockets. I was able to use TLSS components to modify the Malibu lights. The videos were very helpful. I was delayed in completing the system because I made some wood “Prairie lamp frames”. My lawn care guy says they are the most attractive he has seen and he services homes in some exclusive neighborhoods. I may make some further modifications this winter.


Mike C

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